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(うちは悟, Uchiha Satoru)

Lord Raikage (領主雷影, Ryōshu Raikage)

Second Raikage (二代目雷影, Nidaime Raikage)

Uchiha's Crimson God (うちはのベンシン, Uchiha no Benshin)



Part 3: The Prelude Era




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Celldweller - Fadeaway

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Astrological Sign (Capricorn) December 24


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Kekkei Genkai

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Satoru Uchiha (うちは悟, Uchiha Satoru) is the Second Raikage (二代目雷影, Nidaime Raikage; Literally meaning "Second Lightning Shadow") who hails from the Uchiha clan of Kumogakure. He is also the Uchiha Leader of his village. Satoru was trained by the previous Raikages Kazuhiko Tsuchigumo and Katsu Akaasa. Among the Uchiha in Kumogakure, he is a prodigy. His skill in the Uchiha category exceeds most Uchiha, having awakened the Rinnegan, the Level after the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. He has also revealed to have gained some Senju techniques after his fight against Akihiro Senju, the previous Hokage, though exactly how remains unknown.


Chunin (Satoru)

Satoru in his youth (Chūnin).

Before the renewal of ninja villages, Satoru, along with his older brother, Kōgu, were considered the most gifted members of the Uchiha clan within Kumogakure even at a young age. Even by his clan's standards, Satoru's chakra was especially strong. He and his brother Kōgu constantly competed to see which was the strongest, bragging to one another when they had learned a new technique. Satoru and his brother always looked for a way to gain more power, and for the longest, thought they had gained all the power possible from the Uchiha clan, Satoru having mastered the Uchiha signature technique "Great Fireball Technique" at the age of 5, and Satoru had even took it a step further by creating a technique with thrice the power--the Great Fire Annihilation Technique. They had also already possessed three tomoe in each sharingan eye, a feat not ever accomplished in Kumogakure by another Uchiha member at their ages, until his future student Katsumi, who would also awaken a fully matured Sharingan at a young age.

Satoru and the village would later gain news of war beginning. It was almost suspected as a reset was about to happen within 14 years, and trust had been wavering ever since the destruction of the monumental buildings that held all documents related to the past. Satoru calmly watched as all of the elders prepared a speech and battle plans. Chills ran down both Satoru and Kōgu's back as a list of ninja leading the assaults were called, including Hanasaku (who later was made to return after ANBU found that she was pregnant), Moeru, Shingetsu, Shunji and others that were not of his family. Before his parents left for war, he vividly remembers his father activating the Mangekyō Sharingan though, at the time, he thought he was seeing things until weeks later when he gained it himself and learned what the Mangekyō Sharingan was. During the weeks his parents were out battling in the war, Satoru challenged his older brother to a spar multiple times, and has been sent on C-Rank and A-Rank missions.

Satoru and his genin team, Team Kazuhiko, had accomplished many missions. An S-Rank mission of Team Kazuhiko involved preventing enemy ninja from entering the village, where he and his team had fought several ninja from other villages. With the help of Team Kazuhiko's sensei, Kazuhiko who was also the Raikage at the time, the S-Rank mission was a success. This is only 1 of many missions Satoru has completed, even as Genin.

After returning from a mission, the brothers would find good news and bad news, by learning that their parents had died fighting in the First Great Shinobi World War being the bad news, they would gain a new level of Sharingan which was the famous Mangekyō Sharingan--being the good news. With this newly gained power, Satoru was now as powerful as he had ever dreamed to be, he and Kōgu joined the war and began fighting upper-class ninja, taking their revenge on a whole new level. Even though they were skilled ninja, they were accompanied by a shinobi who was stronger than both of them, despite being younger, Katsu who often sparred and trained with Satoru.

8 years had passed since the start of the war and now it comes to an end, with Kumogakure signing a treaty with the Hokage at the time of the first war. Despite the decision made by Katsu himself after being appointed the title of Shodai Raikage, after the Village Renewal and Kazuhiko's death at the hands of the Amekage, Satoru's eldest brother Kōgu disliked the idea of having to live with the thought of Kumogakure withdrawing and giving up from a battle. Another year had passed and Satoru had not heard from his brother... until one day Katsu ordered him to chase him down following Katsu telling Satoru what he had learned from the ANBU about Kōgu's decent into madness, and his betrayal of the village by swiftly killing a ninja from each village so that another war would accrue. Just as he was ordered to do, Satoru chased his brother down where, with many failed attempts to get his brother to stop this nonsense, a battle commenced that was dangerous enough that even Elite ANBU that was assigned to accompany Satoru in his S-Rank mission were killed, leaving it a battle among brothers, where Satoru eventually came out the victor. After pondering what he had done, he calmly extracts the eyes from Kōgu and, using his own Medical skills, replaced his own eyes with those of his brother's as a means to curse himself for killing his only real family left. To his surprise, he had awakened thrice the power he had once possessed, awakening the only rumored Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. Satoru, and his brother, was Chūnin at the time he killed his brother. Satoru was also 14 during the fight against his brother.


A Promise; One on One battle.

After Kōgu's actions, the villages all began to realize popular ninja of their ranks were missing or found dead. It wouldn't be long before the The Great Shinobi Villages would be at war once more. Kumogakure had already prepared for the event, they had foreseen it due to Kōgu's actions. During this time, Satoru was sent on a solo mission to spy on a minor village that was performing unusual experiments. On his way, he had ran across an odd fountain. Satoru noticed the water was unusual and attempted to further investigate it until he was suddenly pulled into the fountain. After finally regaining consciousness from the sudden event, he awoke to witness a huge gate with the kanji for "fox" on it. Curious, Satoru walked closer to the door which suddenly opened automatically, allowing Satoru to enter. Upon doing so, Satoru would be greeted by a gigantic fox. The fox would ask Satoru why he had come to Zetsumyōri to which Satoru replies with that he had no clue what the place was, and that he only remembered being sucked into a fountain. Reading Satoru's emotions first, the giant fox detected that Satoru did not have evil intentions, the fox then brought Satoru to the Great Fox Sage. The fox studied Satoru first and than deemed him worthy of signing a contract with them. For 3 years Satoru trained with the most skilled of the Foxes in Zetsumyōri, after first completing his assigned mission. 6 years passed and the first blood was spilled on the battlefield while Satoru, now Jōnin, would have his own team, though he would not lead his team in the war. Katsu insisted that Satoru's skills were needed elsewhere. Satoru was put on a team with some other highly skilled Jōnin ninja. A Hyūga, a Hōzuki, and a Nara. Satoru and his team were later ambushed by Hontō and his Konoha ninja team. Although Hontō was tremendously skilled, Satoru and his team eventually dispatched of Hontō and his platoon.

After dispatching of Hontō and his platoon, Satoru ordered his own platoon to regroup with Katsumi's team to provide extra protection. He would then turn his attention directly toward Konohagakure. Within a few hours, Satoru had already reached the outskirts of the Fire Country, where approximately 649 ANBU were waiting for his arrival after the Hokage had caught wind of Hontō's death. Satoru would swiftly move through the crowd, slashing down their numbers. Within an hour or 2, he had completely dispatched of all ANBU who stood before him. His goal; the Shodai Hokage, Akihiro, having been the hokage even during the first war meaning he was responsible for the majority of his families and allies deaths. By the time he began to move, a bunch of ANBU and Jōnin appeared to accompany him.

After insuring the ANBU and Jōnin knew not to kill the Hokage, that it was his job, they then headed straight for the Hidden Leaf Village. On their approach, they had noticed a shinobi wearing armor standing on the side of a large monument while surrounded by thousands of high level ninja. Without a seconds hesitation, Satoru activated his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan to do real battle using the new sharingan for the very first time, expelling a large amount of Amaterasu at the wall surrounding the Leaf Village which--with the force it was expelled--crushes through a small portion of the wall. Satoru and his team jumps through the wall without slowing down, whereas just as quickly as Satoru had released Amaterasu from his eyes, he just as quickly made it vanish as soon as the damage had been done. On the other side of the wall, Satoru was greeted with an open palm for a handshake when he attempted to stand after landing, asking that Satoru promise to do a one on one battle instead of ending other people's lives. Satoru would answer the question with a handshake, in a way answering with a yes, and that he promised to not harm anyone else if he could help it. Even suggesting that they exit the leaf village to insure the promise is kept. He had also reverted his sharingan back to it's normal state.

Satoru vs Akihiro Senju

Satoru vs. Akihiro; Revenge! Part 1

After they had left the village to an area befitting a huge battle, such as a distant forest outside of Konohagakure, their battle would start to begin. Before it begins, Akihiro asked Satoru why he was risking his own life to fight him, Satoru responded with a burst of rage, explaining to him that his parents and other family members had died in the First Great Shinobi World War against the Hidden Leaf Village's Hokage who Satoru assumes was Akihiro. This left Akihiro speechless, allowing the battle to commence. For a long period of time, Akihiro had the upper-hand, defeating or turning any attack Satoru made back onto him. It was the first time Satoru had seen any power like what Akihiro had possessed. Without wasting any more time, Satoru quickly reactivated his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. But even then, Satoru was having a hard time during this battle against the Shodai Hokage's superior elemental control and his incredible Wood Release techniques. During this battle, Satoru had copied many techniques that Akihiro had used, but was unable to use them himself having not been a part of the Senju clan, and thus did not possess the requirements for the wood release techniques he had copied.

Satoru and Nine-tails Vs Akihiro

Satoru vs. Akihiro; The Fake Nine-tailed Demon Fox! Part 2

The battle had waged on for hours on end, where Satoru had even activated his Complete Susanoo. With the activation of his Susanoo, and his ever growing rage, Satoru now had the upper-hand. He even eventually summoned a fake Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, where he had spent a long time studying the history of the Demon and was able to recover old DNA from Zetsumyōri to clone it making a weaker version (still more powerful than most ninja), where he fought alongside it against the Hokage who was beginning to lose the battle. It wasn't very long after this that Akihiro had revealed that he had been holding back a little. Despite this, both Satoru and Akihiro were almost equally exhausted. The battle, however, continued with Akihiro now going all out. His wood release control had increased to where he was able to control the wood release to fend off the fake Nine-tails while simultaneously fighting Satoru in close range combat. Satoru had performed many techniques against Akihiro in attempts to get a lucky shot with them. Even while using rather thought-out tactics they all, unfortunately for Satoru, failed.

Just when Satoru had began believing it was over, he was suddenly struck with an idea. Just as he was thinking out his plan, he noticed the Hokage had just summoned a group of overly sized scrolls. Satoru had also began to notice the vast forest they were in began to show their vines as they extended from the ground, heading for the demon. Satoru watched as the fake Nine-tails would quickly begin charging it's Menacing Ball, which the bijū fires directly at Akihiro who effortlessly retaliates by surrounding himself in wood and by doing so in a manner where the menacing ball would eventually slide off of the surrounding wood, though leaving a deep gash in the wall surrounding Akihiro.

Satoru Vs Akihiro

Satoru vs. Akihiro; The Final Battle! Part 3

As soon as the vines entangled the demon, Satoru would realize what the Hokage was planning now, quickly moving back into the offensive by using his Great Fire Annihilation Technique. Despite the hokage countering with a dense wood wall, the fire from the technique obliterates the wood, Satoru would appear spinning through the fire swinging a scythe-like weapon at Akihiro who blocks the attack with a sword of his own, which was summoned previously when it was revealed by Satoru that he had made a copy of the legendary Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

As soon as Akihiro had blocked his attack, the hokage had also prepared more counters, Akihiro also made vines burst from behind himself to restrain Satoru -- disarming him at the same time. Without hesitation, the hokage quickly slammed his palm into Satoru's gut, removing his control over the Nine-Tails. He watches the vines restraining his legs and his right hand releases him, only to widen his eyes when he is suddenly flung crashing through trees and into a boulder-like wall that collapsed on him. By the time Satoru awakens, he is unable to move due to the heavy crumbled boulder on top of him. Satoru smirks as he is suddenly surrounded by lightning, using a technique he does not like. With a burst of rage, he busts from ruble with his enhanced speed and strength, while reactivating his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and Complete Susanoo, to find that Akihiro had just reversed the Nina-tails summoning so that the Nine-tails was no longer a part of the battle.

Not aware of what the technique Akihiro had used earlier was, that removed his control of the bijū, Satoru would arrogantly slam his palm onto the surface of the grand only to find that nothing happens. The hokage would then go into to details on the technique's effect, leaving Satoru amazed that such a technique exists, and furthermore congratulating him on using such a technique that his sharingan couldn't copy. After congratulating Akihiro, Satoru vanishes from Akihiro's vision with his speed granted by the Lightning Armor picking up Akihiro's own summoned weapons and moving again with his speed, appears behind the hokage, stabbing the blade through Akihiro. He repeats this with Akihiro's weapons, appearing to be disappearing and reappearing to Akihiro's eyes, or possibly a blurred image to fast to counter. As the Hokage looks up at him, Satoru removes a kunai from his Kunai Bag, attempting to finish it, until an ANBU arrives with news that they were withdrawing from the battle temporarily. Before he leaves to head back to the Hidden Cloud Village, he finishes with his scythe-like weapon that was removed from his possession when Akihiro disarmed him only after appearing to it and appearing back to the hokage stabbing the blade into him. On his scythe-like weapon possessed a custom poison that slowly deteriorates the cells within the body of a person the poison enters as well as makes them weaker over time. What happened to the kage after he left remains a mystery to him. It is also notable that, sometime after or during their fight, Satoru managed to retrieve some of Akihiro's DNA.

After returning to the village, Satoru would gain news that Katsu had been severely injured during his attack on Amegakure. The battle was so tense that it led to Katsu having amnesia although he could still remember a few things. For the rest of the war, Satoru had trained Katsumi, as well as fought in more major battles in this war. A mission with his team (Team Satoru) involved him and his team destroying bridges to slow down the enemy, assassinating enemy ninja who posed huge threats, and many more missions. Satoru's student as well as cousin, Katsumi's mother, Hanasaku Uchiha, also died sometime during this war which granted the former his Mangekyō Sharingan. Satoru also, near the ending of the Second Shinobi World War, combated many enemy poisons along with other very skilled medical ninja who assisted him.

Satoru Returning

The Third Shinobi World War; Satoru and Katsumi Returns!

For sometime after the Second Shinobi World War, and after Satoru was granted the rank Sannin, Satoru and Katsumi had left the village to travel the world and train and to help those who had suffered from the previous two wars. During their time away from the Hidden Cloud Village, Satoru had awakened the Rinnegan by unknown methods, possibly due to the combining of the Senju DNA with his Uchiha DNA while possessing the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. Before Satoru was able to master the Rinnegan, word had reached the two that another Shinobi World War had began. They quickly hurried in hopes they will have a village to return too. On their way, the two had ran into a group of Hidden Rock Village ninja lead by the Sannin Hādo of the Yamanaka clan. Although his skill was legendary among the Yamanaka, it did not take long to kill the shinobi as Katsumi had taken down his platoon while Satoru hadn't deactivated his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan since arrival on the battlefield.

After wiping the Iwagakure ninja who attacked them out of the picture, Satoru ordered Katsumi to return to Hidden Cloud Village and help out there, while he heads for the front-lines to help there. Hours passed as he had been heading for the battlefield. Finally reaching his destination, he notices millions of shinobi from other villages fighting on a terrain made of Sand and Rock. He was curious as too what had happened while he was gone.

Satoru Uchiha attacks

Satoru Attacks!

Without any further hesitation, Satoru jumps down where he is quickly caught in an Earth Release technique that raises the ground underneath the target, which had been used by Ōrudo. Satoru quickly hears something coming from above him, instinctively looking to see what was going on, where there was a Rock Ninja above him that was attempting to slam his charged Rasengan at him. Despite their efforts, Satoru counters by slamming his hand on the surface of the rising earth surface below him. The Rasengan user would successfully hit Satoru, but only to be stunned when the Satoru that was hit turned out to be a Shadow Clone that stunned the shinobi with the Rasengan, where the Exploding tag that had been placed when he slammed his palm on the surface of the ground explodes obliterating the Rock Ninja completely.

As soon as the other ninja realizes where he was, he had already disarmed a ninja and began to cut a swath through the enemy ninja that consisted of Jōnin from almost every village. This lasted for awhile, using but Taijutsu and Kenjutsu combined with such speeds that none of them were able to react. As soon as he reached the end of his current direction, he was met with a fierce punch sent by Ōrudo while the latter's fist was clad in rock which sent Satoru flipping across the sand only to revert back to lightning upon the 5th skip. Just as it reverted back to lightning, Satoru would appear above the hovering Ōrudo, slamming the bottom of his combined hands atop Ōrudo's head with enough force that sent him slamming into the ground, where he bounces just as Satoru lands who then spins and kicks him in the side sending him doing exactly what Satoru's clone had done.

Satoru using Great Fire Annihilation

Satoru's Improvements!

As soon as Ōrudo was sent skipping across the ground, Satoru would end the spin while performing hand-seals, using the Great Fire Annihilation on a greater extent than ever before. The combined efforts of ninja from the Hidden Mist Village, who all used a powerful Water Release technique, were able to extinguish the massive Fire release technique, though, leaving a huge dense fog that slowly fades. Satoru's skills made it aware to ninja who he was, the ninja who possessed the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. Satoru quickly jumped from the ground, and out of the way of thousands of approaching ninja, onto where he had started out at.

At this time, Ōrudo was barely conscious from the former beating. He would then get interrupted by the Shodai Tsuchikage, Akira Kaguya. Satoru calmly looks slightly behind himself to Akira who asked him if he was the one who killed Hādo, the Sannin of Iwagakure, to which Satoru replies with that it was because that he had attacked first that he killed the Sannin. The kage then continues on to tell him that this war was started because of Hādo and Ōrudo's desire to fight, and that they needed to be killed before these wars surely come to an end, or at least prevent wars from starting because Iwagakure. He then suggests that Satoru go all out and that he would handle Ōrudo if he used his Dust Release techniques. Satoru wondered why the kage was talking to an enemy so nicely, but he simply turned back to the battlefield where he then begins to perform the Tiger and Snake hand-seal.

Wood Release Forest Technique (Satoru)

Satoru Unleased! The Uchiha's Rampage!

As soon as the hand-seals were made, he tells Akira to stay close just, as trees burst from the ground behind him and in a straight motion toward all the enemy shinobi and kunoichi below. These trees were moving fast enough that they would flatten anyone they hit. However, Ōrudo stands to his feet as soon as a tree gets close to him--extending his arm out stopping the humungous tree that was heading in his direction effortlessly, only sliding back because of his size. This would leave Satoru shocked not aware that it was a technique, which is when Akira would tell him it's effects which still leaves Satoru intrigued. He commends Ōrudo for stopping his technique. Satoru would, in turn, tell Akira that he too has hidden techniques. Satoru then, still holding the Snake hand-seal, causes trees to emerge from the ground creating a vast forest. He then suddenly activates his Rinnegan for the first time in battle, which left everyone in the location even further shocked than before.

Even more so, Satoru had also activated his incomplete Susanoo, the Susanoo and himself began to perform hand-seals. Suddenly, a loud noise of wind breaking was heard, followed by a huge shadow that was casted over the battlefield. He jokingly tells Akira heads up before Akira had realized the meteorite. Though, too Satoru's surprise, Ōrudo quickly flew toward the meteorite slamming both hands on the surface of the meteorite - eventually stopping it. Satoru commends Ōrudo again for stopping the meteorite, but shares that it wasn't over as another simultaneously slams into the one Ōrudo had stopped, sending him crashing toward the ground. Before it hit the ground, a Hidden Rock Ninja was able to soften the ground so that it would not crush him. With the softened earth, Ōrudo was free to perform a technique that easily created a hole in the meteorites for him to escape. Satoru watched as the kage wasn't finished, watching as Ōrudo flew from the hole while performing the Detachment of the Primitive World Technique once more where he aims it at both Akira and Satoru's exact location. Satoru would then widen his eyes when Akira suddenly jumped in front of him with both of his hands extended outward in front of him toward Ōrudo in a similar manner as Ōrudo, suddenly forming the same technique but instead as a cylindrical shape, where Ōrudo recognizes the shape and demands to know how he had obtained Hādo's dust release shape to which Akira simply replies by release the technique at the weakened Ōrudo who also releases his to counter. The techniques collide against one another where a large explosion appears.

Aftermath of Dust Release vs Dust Release

Satoru and Akira enjoys the sight!

By the time the smoke faded, Satoru and Akira had been standing on some destroyed trees staring down at the exhausted Ōrudo and other enemy ninja. Satoru had also deactivated his incomplete Susanoo, as his arms were now crossed at, still partially amazed at the techniques these ninja were pulling off. Satoru would notice as a medical ninja from the Hidden Cloud attempted to assist Ōrudo in his injuries. Without further thinking about it, he almost instantly appear before Ōrudo and the Cloud Ninja sending the sword straight through the former's chest. This sudden burst of rage made it seem as though he was left with a huge opening, which Ōrudo took to his advantage as he performed the Detachment of the Primitive World Technique in hopes he had caught him. Satoru watched as the technique was formed quickly and shot at him, though to everyone's surprise, Satoru remained unaffected as he had absorbed the technique.

Angered by the attempt to kill him, and nearly succeeding, Satoru roundhouse kicked the end of the hilt of the sword sending the ninja crashing into another group which in turn even sent them backwards a few feet. Satoru would then continue to spin ending it with leaning to place the palm of his hand on Ōrudo's upper-forehead where he hits him with a point blank invisible force that easily crushes Ōrudo's bones. Unbeknownst to him, Ōrudo would have won the battle had he not wore gloves when he touched him as, Ōrudo could have used a technique that turns anything touching him to stone.

After killing Ōrudo, Satoru deactivates his Rinnegan only to have the normal 3 tomoe sharingan activated. He turns to Akira, who tells him that he was not going to fight him, and that he was going to go and attempt to stop the war that his village had started. Satoru remains where he was at for hours, preventing enemy ninja from passing this point. At one point during his fight here, he was challenged by a fellow ninja named Ryōta who was testing his skill as he had been sent to team with Satoru. Satoru had quickly gained the upper-hand, despite Ryōta's superior Fūinjutsu skills. Before they had finished their spar, they were interrupted by Shūraku, who was an Elder in the Hidden Rain Village, who sent multiple kunai in their direction with exploding tags. Satoru and Ryōta had quickly jumped out of the way, landing down close to the ninja, who quickly attacks once more but with a technique that can cover a vast location in water. Satoru and Ryōta, once again, were fast enough to dodge the technique as they had both flickered high enough so the technique would not hit them.

Upon landing atop the water's surface, the Elder once again performed yet another technique created by him that binds both Satoru and Ryōta, however, using his sharingan's prediction abilities, Satoru was able to read the hand-seals and quickly jumped from the small lake made by the elder Shūraku, performing the wood release technique to cause trees to sprout from underneath the water for him to land on mid-fall. As soon as he lands on the tree, Satoru spins and releases a stream of fire from his mouth toward Shūraku whereas the elder counters by using the Water Release: Water Encampment Wall technique without hand-seals while simultaneously slamming his palm on the surface of the water causing sharks to rise from the water quickly and dart down toward Satoru and Ryōta's location. During this time, the elder had also began performing a long string of hand-seals but because Shūraku's back was facing Satoru, Satoru was unable to see what it was the elder had planned -- hurling several shuriken at the sharks deeming them a waste of time, though too his shock, they would bust into thousands of droplet-sized sharks that rains down on him, cutting him as they made contact.

Ryōta watched as Satoru's counter backfired, quickly countering with a different method, as he himself had withdrew his sword for the first time since the war had began, using the technique he is revered for in the Hidden Cloud Village, easily dispersing the sharks that was heading toward him. Satoru notes how he hadn't fought anyone with control over water like that in a long time, as he watched Ryōta re-sheathe his sword and begin another set of hand-seals, quickly performing the Uzumaki Sealing Technique, which, when done, sends a string of sealing formula, that originates from his hand, toward the elder where it stops beneath him. It then drags the elder into the formula sealing him for good.

Satoru hadn't expected Ryōta to be this skilled and even openly admits that he could have lost to Ryōta had he used that technique against him in their spar. Through the whole fight against the elder, Satoru hadn't used his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, revealing that he was even holding back in the previous battles.

Satoru Uchiha Motionless

Satoru vs Hisashi! The Final Battle!

Sometime after Satoru and Ryōta's battle against the elder of the Hidden Rain Village, Ryōta had returned to Hidden Cloud Village to inform the kage what has happened thus far. By this time, it had already gotten dark. While Satoru was resting, he would hear voices down below where the small lake was. Predicting it was enemy ninja, Satoru would calmly walk from his tent to the edge of the cliff-like location he was at to see who it was, as it had been Hisashi, the Amekage of Amegakure, and a group of his Jōnin ninja. Hisashi would have been the first to notice Satoru after he had made it rain on the battlefield. Satoru narrows his eyes while having the 3 Tomoe Sharingan activated.

By the headband, Satoru assumed they were here for revenge for him killing their elder, and recognizing that one of them fit the description of the ninja who had given Katsu amnesia in the previous war. As soon as that came into Satoru's attention, Satoru would perform multiple hand-seals before expelling multiple large fireballs. Each headed for Hisashi and his ninja team. He watches as the Amekage's ninja team fails to counter properly, while Hisashi effortlessly counters by releasing water inside of the fireball. Being surprised, but not unexpected as Hisashi had defeated two Raikage's already, Satoru quickly performed the hand-seal Horse. With his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan now activated, Satoru releases a massive wall of intense flames, which covers an expansive range heading toward the Amekage.

To Satoru's dismay, Hisashi quickly performed hand-seals of his own though unseen by Satoru due to his own jutsu blocking his vision, a tidal wave of water suddenly appears on both sides of Satoru and his Fire Release technique. Hisashi had used a technique known to Amegakure ninja as the famous Wave Release: Tidal Wave Technique. Upon making contact with the base of the fire technique, where the chakra is kneaded for the technique Satoru used, the technique is instantly cancelled. Hisashi had held back most of the wave, allowing only a little to fall to destroy the fire release technique used by Satoru, now allowing the rest of it to fall down onto Satoru. Without a moments hesitation, Satoru quickly merged with a nearby root created in his previous fight with Shūraku and later re-emerged on another root behind Hisashi, where Satoru sends a sword into the kage's back.

Once again, Satoru was surprised to see yet another flawless counter, as Hisashi dispersed into a clone and revealed to be standing far behind Satoru. Satoru turned to face the kage, now fully emerged, as he performs the Clone Seal with an emotionless expression. Hisashi, with his vast knowledge, knew that the hand-seal gesture was a clone hand-seal and performed one of his own. As soon as the hand-seals were made, Katsumi Uchiha appeared beside Satoru while Kutatsu Uchiha appeared beside Hisashi, Multiple Wood Release Clones was behind both Hisashi and his partner while Multiple Shadow Clones was behind Satoru and his partner. Both sides was about to strike down one another before a bright burst of light appeared in the sky, it was Kumogakure ninja using the Lightning Release: Lightning Signal Fire to signal their withdrawal from Satoru's location.

Due to the signal fire shot up into the sky, both set of opposing clones and the creator of them were distracted, Satoru and Katsumi was quick to turn and destroy the Shadow Clones before vanishing themselves due to knowing about the signal fire technique. Sometime after the battle with Hisashi, Satoru would learn of Ryōta's death to the hands of Kutatsu Uchiha.

Not much is known about what has happened after the battle against Hisashi.




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  • "People are born with sin... and live life to obtain forgiveness from someone. Or perhaps they are born with riddles... and live life searching for someone to solve them."


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  • The name "Satoru" (さとる) means "Enlightened" if using the kanji , while "Satoshi" (さとし) means "Quick-witted." if using the kanji .
  • Satoru is heavily based off Madara Uchiha.
  • According to the owner of this character:
    • Satoru's hobbies are training, leading his village correctly, protecting members of the aforementioned, learning new techniques, falconry, helping the poor, and helping those hurt by the previous Ninja Wars.
    • Satoru's favorite foods are inarizushi and omusubi, while his least favorite is roe.
    • Satoru loves to intimidate his enemies and belittle their skills, and loves to travel on his free time.
    • Satoru hates weak Kage, Konohagakure, and wannabe ninja.
    • Satoru wishes to fight the upper class Konoha ninja. He also wishes to fight .
    • Satoru's favorite phrase is "Armour-sleeved single hit" (鎧袖一触, Gaishū Isshoku), which refers to defeating someone with a single blow.

Major Battles

Total Spars: 13
Total Major Battles: 8

For Fun

  • Spar #1: Satoru(Genin) vs. Katsu(Genin) = Katsu
  • Spar #2: Satoru(Genin) vs. Katsu(Chūnin) = Katsu
  • Spar #3: Satoru(Genin) vs. Kōgu(Genin) = Satoru
  • Spar #4: Satoru(Chūnin) vs. Katsu(Jōnin) = Katsu
  • Spar #5: Satoru(Jōnin) vs. Kumo(Genin) = Satoru
  • Spar #6: Satoru(Jōnin) vs. Katsumi(Genin) = Satoru
  • Spar #7: Satoru(Jōnin) vs. Katsu(Kage) = Satoru
  • Spar #8: Satoru(Jōnin) vs. Katsumi(Chūnin) = Satoru
  • Spar #9: Satoru(Sannin) vs. Katsumi(Chūnin) = Satoru
  • Spar #10: Satoru(Sannin) vs. Ryōta(Jōnin) = Satoru
  • Spar #11: Satoru(Sannin) vs. Katsumi(Jōnin) = Satoru
  • Spar #12: Satoru(Sannin) vs. Katsu(Kage) = Satoru
  • Spar #13: Satoru(Kage) vs. Katsumi(Jōnin) = Satoru

Post War

  • Battle #1: Satoru(Chūnin) vs. Kōgu(Chūnin) = Satoru

Second Shinobi World War

  • Battle #1: Satoru(Jōnin) + Cloud Ninja vs. Hontō + Leaf Ninja = Satoru + Cloud Ninja
  • Battle #2: Satoru(Jōnin) vs. Leaf ANBU = Satoru
  • Battle #3: Satoru(Jōnin) vs. Akihiro(Kage) = Satoru (Though Barely)
  • Battle #4: Satoru(Jōnin) vs. Mist Ninja = Satoru

Third Shinobi World War

  • Battle #1: Satoru(Sannin) vs. Rock Ninja = Satoru
  • Battle #2: Satoru(Sannin) + Ryōta(Jōnin) vs. Rain Ninja = Satoru(Sannin) + Ryōta(Jōnin)
  • Battle #3: Satoru(Sannin) + Ryōta(Jōnin) vs. Hisashi(Kage) = ???