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People are born with sin...and live life to obtain forgiveness from someone. Or perhaps they are born with riddles...and live life searching for someone to solve them...
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Satoru Uchiha (うちは悟, Uchiha Satoru) is the Second Raikage (二代目雷影, Nidaime Raikage; Literally meaning "Second Lightning Shadow") who hails from the Uchiha clan of Kumogakure. He is also the Uchiha Leader of his village. Satoru was trained by the previous Raikages Kazuhiko Tsuchigumo and Katsu Akaasa. Among the Uchiha in Kumogakure, he is a prodigy. His skill in the Uchiha category exceeds most Uchiha, having awakened the Rinnegan, the Level after the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. He has also revealed to have gained some Senju techniques after his fight against Akihiro Senju, the previous Hokage, though exactly how remains unknown.

Satoru is highly known for his skills within and outside of battle. He is known to be a quick learner, is very wise for his age, and has came close to outsmarting Hisashi Akaasa multiple times in their short battle. At a young age, he had awakened the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, a feat not accomplished since one of the six founding ninja masters, and later awakening the Rinnegan as well. Satoru is not one to keep his skills to himself as he has trained his former student, now assistant, Katsumi Uchiha various high ranking techniques. (read more)
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